Why I cannot get married – Aunty Ramota opens up (VIDEO)

Why I cannot get married – Aunty Ramota opens up (VIDEO).…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Aunty Ramota has caused a frenzy on social media after sharing the reason she cannot get married to any man.

In a video, she expressed her belief that she would not be able to be submissive in a marriage, leading to constant fights.

Aunty Ramota humorously added that if a man were to marry her without providing her with a house, she would ask him to move out and live with his concubines.

She said: “If a man marries me, we will be fighting everyday because I can’t be submissive. You didn’t build my house for me, I’d ask him to move out and go live with his concubines.”

The video quickly garnered attention, with netizens sharing their thoughts in the comment section.

While some viewers speculated that there might be underlying reasons for Aunty Ramota’s behavior, others focused on her distinctive makeup and choice of sandals.

@Omobolaji Osanyin said; “Thank God say aunty ramota nor pass like this if she get level pass this she for pursue us comot for Nigeria.”

@user177727695331 said: “I believe there is a reason for her behaviour. Abuse/Bully growing up might be part of of it. Perhaps this is her coping mechanism/survival.”

@Aremo22 said: “Everything happens for a reason God knows.”

@Kerry_assic commented: “The sandal is sandalily.”

@Tife said: “Shey nah only me hear ” mi o le compart e.’”

@Mifola commented: “Aunty ramota get pride normal normal e dey her body.”

@Oluwatosin Jully reacted: “Who buy powder for aunty ramota cus the color is coloring.”

@shakiruadejare reacted: “Me and you, inside drum straight.”

@IDERAOLUWA said: “Na person wey do this make up I wan know.”…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

See the video below:


Bata wahala 😂 Auntyramota

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