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WAHALA!!!:Man cries bitterly after sending lady N150k instead of N15k

WAHALA!!!:Man cries bitterly after sending lady N150k instead of N15k……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A Nigerian man, Femi has taken to Twitter to recount a time he mistakenly sent N150,000 to a lady but could not demand it back due to her reaction.

He said that he intended transferring N15,000 to her but sent N150k instead but he did not realise the error until it was too late to explain it to her.

Femi said when the lady known as Ijeoma received the alert, she sent him a message expressing utter amazement and disclosed how he impressed her.
Man lady 150k

He said the moment she told him all that, he could no longer bring himself to ask her to send back a bulk of the money.

The young man first tweeted about it in July 2023,while sharing screenshot of the messages he received from her.

“God. I wanted to send this woman 15k. But mistakenly sent 150k. Tears. Now it’s too awkward to explain myself.”

Fast-forward to November 2023, Femi remembered the incident and revealed how he had to act like he actually intended to give Ijeoma N150k.

He wrote; “Wanted to send 15k to a babe one time. I mistakenly sent 150k. Before the alert even entered and I realized, I got a ‘you shocked me’ text. I weak, just had to chest it.”……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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