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“They said he is a devil worshipper” – Lady claims Rema’s Ethiopia concert was cancelled over his ‘burning church’ necklace (video)

Rumour has it that the highly anticipated concert of sensational Nigerian singer, Divine Ikubor, better known as Rema, in Ethiopia has been called off over religious concerns.

The Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa released an official statement about the cancellation of Rema’s Ethiopian New Year’s Eve Concert, originally slated for September 9.

The decision to cancel the show arose amid controversy surrounding allegations of “devil-worshipping” associated with the artwork featured on his custom necklace.

It’s no secret that Rema wears a necklace that features the image of a burning church and inverted crosses. He also uses the same image as a backdrop for his album cover and performances.

This was perceived as disrespectful and offensive by many Ethiopians, sparking considerable public outcry and condemnation.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, deeply rooted in cultural heritage and firm religious beliefs, also expressed strong disapproval of these symbols.

Due to the mounting pressure, the Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa were forced to cancel the event.

Lady claims Rema's Ethiopia

An Ethopian woman, who confirmed this development in a recent interview with Nigerian media personality, Daddy Freeze, said it was cancelled due to accusations of devil worship.

She said: “They made a statement, like a press release in Ethiopia about Rema. Yes, you can imagine, it’s a very big deal.

When Daddy Freeze asked about the content of the press release, the lady said, “They’re basically saying he’s a devil worshipper because of what he has on his neck. And to be honest, I never thought of it myself. And there’s more to it; to be honest.

Daddy Freeze said: “So, because of a necklace, I love religion; religion is such an amazing thing. So, because of Rema’s necklace, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church ‘cancelled’ his show.”

Watch a short clip from the interview below,

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