‘Stop Mr Ibu’s illness to chase clout on social media,’ Kanayo warns Reno Omokri, VeryDarkMan

‘Stop Mr Ibu’s illness to chase clout on social media,’ Kanayo warns Reno Omokri, VeryDarkMan……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Nollywood legendary actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has cautioned activist, Reno Omokri and controversial commentator, VeryDarkMan over using his colleague, Mr. Ibu’s name to gain traction.

Recall on Wednesday, veteran Nigerian comic actor, John Okafor fondly known as Mr Ibu shared a video announcing to his fans that he has been diagnosed with an illness that could cost him his leg.

According to the thespian, his doctor has said that if the prescribed medications do not work, his leg will be amputated.

Mr Ibu solicited help while asking for prayers to overcome his predicament.

The video sparked reactions with Reno Omokri calling out Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi to come to the aid of the veteran actor.

VeryDarkMan described the video as a shame on the Nollywood industry for its failure to set up a system that sees to the welfare of its legends.
Reacting, Kanayo, via a video on his verified Instagram account, warned people not to use Mr Ibu’s illness to chase clout on social media.

He wrote as caption, ‘’Gaining traction with someone’s misfortune, handicap, ill luck is wicked.
‘’Give, if you have to, without calling for the attention of the social media.

‘’One ‘ very dark man’ calling top actors, shameless is unruly and attention seeking.

‘’@realmribu please get well soon”
He said in the video where he spoke in part both in English and Igbo language, “Hello friends, good morning. As actors, our heart goes out to our very dear colleague, John Okafor (Mr Ibu). His family have been doing their very best since he was reported sick last year and now they have come out to say that they have done their best and need public support. It is not in any sense wrong.

“Would you feel bad or better if we kept quiet and allow our colleague to die? I condemn in strict terms Reno Omokri who is calling Peter Obi’s name and so on. It is not a friendly thing, it is wicked; and the other guy, I think Uche Maduagwu talked about shame on top actors. Shame on you too. I say shame on you because you don’t have any value or level to call our names.

The actor further stated, “It is an individual thing to support a colleague. It becomes a collective as the Actors Guild of Nigeria who have tried their best in such a limited time. Don’t forget some people like to give privately as individuals without their names being mentioned. We will as an individual support our colleague, we will as individuals support our colleague…

“Nobody should use this as a platform to castigate and impugn or indict those who have not given. It is wrong and we don’t support it… This is a warning, if you want to give, give. We as ‘top actors’ as you call us give at our own levels. It is not very beneficial or important when we announce it.

“Don’t use our colleague’s name, John Okafor (Mr Ibu) to trend just because you want a name. Stop seeking attention.”……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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