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Shocking Revelation:EX-President Buhari has to be Arrest Now,He is Responsible for all the 63,111 persons killed between 2015-2023- Shehu Sani

Former federal lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has attacked former President Muhammadu Buhari, accusing his government of unprecedented rate of insecurity during his administration.……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The lawmaker stated this on his Instagram handle on Sunday.

Sani, who represented Southern Kaduna, accused northern stakeholders of keeping mute despite the high rate of killings during Buhari’s government.

The former senator further stated that northerners who have suddenly found their voice kept quiet between 2015 to 2023 because the former president is a northerner.

The activist put the total number of casualties within eight years of Buhari’s government at 63,111.

His post reads, “Many of them kept quiet and condoned the bloodshed and kidnappings in the North for eight years.

“They called us all sorts of names in their efforts at defending failure. They ignored the corpses of their brothers and sisters and were more interested in defending their President.

“They were silent when about 63,111 persons were killed; double that number were kidnapped, including 1,680 students.

“They lost their voice because the person at the helm then was their kinsman. They found their voice today because the person at the helm now is not their kinsman.”……CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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