Nigerian Popular crossdresser Claim He charges N1 million for each Post on Instagram-James Brown reveals(Video)

I charge N1 million per post..….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

Popular crossdresser, James Brown, in an interview with BBNaija Tacha reveals that he charge as much as N800k to N1m per post on Instagram
Speaking on his rift with Bobrisky, James revealed that they couldn’t be friends because Bob wanted to control him and sees him as a big competition

Nigerian social media sensation, James Brown, stirs up quite a frenzy after revealing the amount he charges for each Post on Instagram.

in an interview with BBNaija star, Tacha Akide, the controversial crossdresser stated that he charges N1 million per post on his Instagram page.

While some may consider this a hefty amount, James Brown explained that he knows his worth and has worked hard to build his brand.

He cited the fact that he has millions of followers on his Facebook and Instagram profiles to defend his justification for the pricing.

But that wasn’t the only topic of discussion during the interview, as James also talked about his past, revealing that he was born a crossdresser.

Addressing his highly publicized rift with fellow crossdresser and rival, Bobrisky, he stated that Bobrisky was trying to be in charge of him.

James Brown claims that Bobrisky began giving him space because he felt he(James) was taking on too much and forgetting the fact that he was more gifted than him.

In his words:

“Bobrisky is short, fat and fair and tox!c. She is not fun, interesting, comic, and lovely.

I didn’t decide to be a crossdresser, I was born with it.

I charge between 1 million to 800,000 for a video ad on Instagram. I have 1.7 million Instagram followers and 1 million Facebook followers.

At a time, Bobrisky started giving me space because she felt I was doing too much on Instagram. I have a bunch of talents, but Bobrisky doesn’t have half, so why will I be Bobrisky”.

His interview has generated a lot of discussion, with many criticizing him for constantly disparaging Bobrisky.

Mheenarh wrote, “But like seriously James need to keep Bob’s name out of his mouth. Can’t he stand on his own? Bob doesn’t even talk about him anymore

Xter Dassy wrote, “James say he was born with it, they born you as a man with women cloth and weavon

Pamadha Couture wrote, “Bobrisky no really get luck with people he has helped! Kai? Which one is tox!c again?

Ademide Sire wrote, “This one can’t do without talking about Bob

Simeon Delight wrote, “Born with cross-dressing. James no go kill me abeg

Splash Vazzy wrote, “Bob is coming for u

One Feminine By Purity wrote, “Tacha my baby, you are about to start a fire between the crossdressers. And I like it.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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