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Justice Haruna Tsammani faces backlash over tribunal judgement reading

Justice Haruna Tsammani

Justice Haruna Tsammani, the lead jurist and one of the Justices delivering the court’s verdict at the Presidential Election Petitions Tribunal (PEPT) currently convening in Abuja, has come under heavy criticisms after he ruled that Vice-President Kashim Shettima’s double nomination as a senatorial candidate and vice-presidential candidate was not intentional and should not be used to invalidate President Bola Tinubu’s election.

Following the judge’s decision, social media users have argued that the judge did not write the statement because he stammered and found it difficult to read; hence he was being intimidated by some prominent figures.

Netizens claim that if Justice Tsammani had written the verdict, he shouldn’t have encountered any difficulties as he read it.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have raised concerns over the refusal to show the faces of the judges during the reading of the judgments.

See some of their comments here

UncleKayfas: “His Lords are there and I guess It won’t go well with them.”

Kendo81326098: “The man is reading it under duress. That’s a fact!!”

iamstyne: “He is seeing the judgment for the first time perhaps!”

FranciscoMary91: “Are you sure this man is the one that wrote this judgement? Why the hiccups? He’s reading as if he doesn’t know what was written? Mtcheww!”

lil_dawg9: “God has set confusions in his mind. And, he will say things like balabu. God will shame every device which they have implored to steal our mandate. Amen”

Xzybytt1: “I am so sad right now, General. I don’t know whether to cry or to actively restart my japa plans. This nation is lost. We can’t even see the faces of the judges. Why won’t they show us the faces of the people delivering judgement. I’m downcast”

cozediuno: “that man fit collapse before LP turn, cos he’s getting tensed up the more as time goes.”

JoelUdanyi: “Why does he keep saying ‘I’ ‘My’. Me I am not even understanding anything going on here. Before you know it they are done and I am lost”

Anayochukwu18: “Sometimes ago, someone twitted that someone else was writing the judgement for the judges. It’s making sense Now”

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