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I Was Offered 20 Milion Naira To Stop The Case Of Wife’s Stolen Kidney-Husband Cry Out For Help

Alfred Alabo, Plateau police command spokesperson had confirmed the arrest of the fake surgeon and two others.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

A Plateau-based businessman, Busari Kamaru whose wife, Kehinde Kamaru reportedly had her kidney stolen by a fake doctor during a surgical operation in Jos has narrated how he rejected a N20 million bribe offered to him to bury his wife’s case.

Mr Kamaru revealed this during an interview , revealing that the suspect made the offer through a police officer in the Nasarawa State Command.

He said, “I went to the DPO of the Nasarawa Gwom community to complain. His name is Timothy. The DPO called me the following morning that he wanted to see me personally. On getting there, the man told me that since yesterday till this morning, some people have been calling him for negotiation. But he did not know what to tell them because they were offering him a certain amount of money.

“He asked me what my position on the matter was because they calculated the time they removed my wife’s kidney; they said it was sold at N6 million then. But now, it is worth N20 million.

“They said if they want to pay the money for the kidney, it will be N20 million. I said, ‘Look officer, I am not the type of person anyone can buy with money. Let this man come out and own up to me that he removed my wife’s kidney. What do you want me to do?’

“But the man (‘Doctor’ Noah Kekere started begging me, saying that the deed had been done and that I should just temper Justice with Mercy. He asked what I wanted him to do for me. I told him that I don’t need anything from him except to return my wife’s kidney from wherever he took it to.”

Alfred Alabo, Plateau police command spokesperson had confirmed the arrest of the fake surgeon and two others.

He said that the main suspect was nabbed in Nasawara and further investigations revealed that he was not a qualified doctor.

He said, “He was arrested by our very dutiful DPO in Nasarawa, Gobi Division, SP Timothy. And also, we have also gotten two additional suspects. So far, a lot of things have been discovered. We have also discovered that the proprietor of the hospital is not a medical doctor and we believe he has been parading himself.”

Kekere had told the couple that Kehinde’s stomach pain was a result of appendicitis and that he urgently required appendectomy, which is the surgical removal of the appendix.

It was during the operation that Kekere allegedly removed one of Kehinde’s kidneys.….CONTINUE READING>>>>>

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