“I Am Forced to sleep With my father’s Dead-Body everyday,Or Gets Killed” – Adetoun reveals

Nollywood actress Adetoun revealed a startling truth about how she used to share a room with her father’s corpse when he died…….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

She stated that after her father’s death, she had resorted to sleeping in the same room as him. She claimed that she had been in charge of his corpse in the days preceding his burial.

Host Chude Jideonwo responded by expressing how shocked he was by the incident.

Recall that Adetoun was labeled a clout chaser, especially after going on Instagram Live and claiming that the soul of the deceased Mohbad was speaking to her.

“I use to sleep with by father’s corpse everyday” – Adetoun reveals
Nigerian actress, Adetoun. source: Google

“I was sleeping by the dead body of my dad when he passed. When my father was alive, he used to be part of a cult. when my father died, he died in my arms, so wherever I go to sleep, I sleep by his side in the room”.…….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>


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