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Five Natural Ways To Increase Your Breasts Size

Big boobs are a feature that is highly sought after. If you’re blessed with a sizeable pair, you’ve probably gotten tons of compliments from other women who would wish to have the same cup size as you.

For those who would want an increase in breast size, your desire is valid. Full breasts are considered to be the epitome of femininity and womanhood, and that is why many women are ready to risk their lives going for breast enlargement surgeries.

Since going for surgery isn’t a financially realistic option for many and, artificial creams aren’t a great route due to the health risks, you can opt for natural methods like these.

Try massaging:
A massage is a go-to solution when you want to relax and release some muscle tension. Besides that, it can help to increase blood flow and stimulate the production of hormones like prolactin which can increase breast size.

For you to see some change, you should use oils like flaxseed and olive oil. Massage in circular motions a couple of times a week and ensure that you’re doing these massages consistently.

However, be careful not to overdo these massages because this could lead to irritation.

Incorporate a boob workout:
Working out is the best way to lose weight and tone up. Although there isn’t a specific workout that targets the breasts, you can simply do more upper body workouts.

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These workouts are effective in changing how your chest area looks, which then gives an illusion of increased breast size. Some of the easy exercises you can do often are pushups, up-down planks and horizontal chest presses.

Change your diet: Another option you can try is gaining weight. As you increase the percentage of fat overall, you get the added benefit of having bigger boobs.

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Try and eat foods like papaya and whole milk to get you to your goal weight faster. But, be careful not to overdo it to the point where you are overweight or obese because that could invite unwanted health issues.

Try natural supplements:
Natural supplements like fenugreek and asparagus might also work for you. They are great for reproductive health and they can give you the benefit of a boosted cup size as well.

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Asparagus supplements are actually recommended for lactating moms so it might work. The only downside is that you need to take them consistently because once you stop, your breasts might reduce to their default size.

Also, if you’re planning to take either one of them, make sure you consult your doctor first for correct instructions.

Switch up your bras: It’s a fact that the type of bra you wear can actually make your boobs look fuller or flatter.

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If your bras haven’t been making you feel confident, try out a couple of push-up bras that come with some padding. They will actually make you look like you just went a couple of sizes up.

The benefit of this method is that it is very safe, plus, you get instant results so this is perfect.

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