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EXCLUSIVE:Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate October 18th, 2023 Today

EXCLUSIVE:Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate October 18th, 2023 Today.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The exchange rate between the naira and dollar devalued to N848/$1 on the official investor and exporter window on October 18th, 2023. It also traded at a record at an intra-day high of N981/$1.

This is according to data from the FMDQ website which publishes the daily exchange rate on the Nigerian forex exchange market where forex is sold officially.

This is the lowest the naira has ever traded officially. Before now, the lowest the naira had traded officially was N803.90/$1 recorded on the 14th of July 2023, per Nairametrics data.

A review of the closing rate for October 17th reveals the official exchange rate closed at N848.12/$1 as against N778.80/$1 recorded a day earlier.

The exchange rate also sold for as high as N981/$1 on the official market signifying a major change in the pricing of the dollar at the official market.

Meanwhile, the lowest rate sold on the day was just N758.50/$1.
Total turnover during the day was just $134.28 million.

Meanwhile, at the black market, the exchange rate quoted for around N1,050/$1, while for inflow it was around N1,070/$1.

On the P2P market, the exchange rate quoted for as high as 1,060/$1

The disparity between the official and black market rates (which was 26%) suggests the central bank will have no choice but to allow the official rate to devalue to close the gap.

The current devaluation on the official market suggests the disparity has now closed to 18.8%, still relatively higher than the acceptable band of around 5%.

Last week, the central bank lifted the ban on 43 items imposed under the Godwin Emefiele CBN era.

The central bank also stated that it will also boost liquidity in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange Market and intervene from time to time, stating that interventions will decrease as liquidity improves.

A few days later, the apex bank released an “FAQ” suggesting that widening disparity between official and black market exchange rates was due to the 43 banned items implemented in 2015.…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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