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BREAKING NEWS:Suprisingly Nigerian Man Rewarded With N10m After Returning Sum Of 100,000 Million Naira

A Nigerian man got N10 million richer following his act of honesty in returning millions credited to his account erroneously
The man shared how a follower on social media messaged him about mistakenly crediting his account with N100 million
While many people marvelled at the money involved, others expressed concern that his account may have been used to launder funds....CONTINUE READING>>>>>

A Nigerian crypto coach, @Mrbankstips, has shared how he was rewarded with N10 million for returning N100 million mistakenly credited to his bet account.

The scalp trader shared on X that he mistakenly withdrew $100k (N100 million) from his stake account into @Mrbankstips’s bet account.
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Photo Credit: Jacoblund, X/@MrbankstipsSource: Getty Images

He said he checked and indeed confirmed the said whopping sum in his account. The man added that he returned it and was given $10k (N10 million) instantly.

“The craziest thing just happened, I woke up to a dm from a follower saying he mistakenly withdrew $100k (N100M) from his Stake acc & into my bet account, checked my account and indeed saw $100k in there. I just sent it back to his wallet. He gave me $10k out of it, wild morning,” he wrote on X.

His tweet stirred mixed reactions, with some netizens quizzing him as to how the said follower got his account details. He responded:

“Yeah the guy don ask for my wallet before when him win one of my stake bets last week, probably where he made the error.”

See his tweet below:
Mixed reactions trailed the development

@Bigstiff1994 said:

“I hope you understand you have been used to launder money, the good news is you have made a public post that will save you.”

@MESIGO422 said:

“That’s what we call contempt. When you happy with the little you work hard for not everyone has this conscience.”

@helit_rate said:

“I’m doing my best to believe this, trust me, I’m really trying.”

@GloryPhantom09 said:
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“I mistakenly sent 370k to a friends account.

“He transferred it out immediately and spent all of it.

“Till now I have not retrieved my money since March.”

@MizBee30 said:

“Omo people get money for this life oh!!! Dear God, hope say u never forget say we plenty wey u leave for this earth.”

@income_xpansion said:

“Please verify it’s indeed from the stake account o! Make e no be ssu them don use your wallet to collect fraud money. My opinion though.”

@iamKayluv said:

“Thank God it’s sent to a traceable address and a reputable person like you. So happy for him.”

Mechanic rewarded for returning N10.8m mistakenly credited to his account

Meanwhile,  previously reported that a mechanic was rewarded with N50k for returning N10.8 million erroneously sent to his account.

One of his customers, Chinonso Ndukwe, made this revelation on Facebook, saying he got the information from Timothy after he met him in person.

Sharing a photo he took with Timothy, Chinonso said the mechanic has been serving him well, and he was impressed by his feat after reading it on the net. He added that Timothy looked quite ill when he saw him and that the mechanic told him he had a headache...CONTINUE READING>>>>>


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