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Actress Naomi Watts Divulges Intimate Details of ‘Honeymoon Phase’ With Husband Billy Crudup

Naomi Watts is spilling secrets about her pretty intimate life with her new husband Billy Crudup.

Actress Naomi Watts, 54, said she and Billy Crudup, 55, are still in their “honeymoon phase” nearly three months after tying the knot. Speaking at a wellness event called “Unlocking Intimacy: Navigating Passion in Midlife” on Thursday, Watts said she’s discovered that sex has gotten even better since she reached menopause, despite many women finding the opposite.

“I personally think sex becomes more pleasurable when you take out the fear of making babies,” she admitted at the Hampton Bays, New York, event.

She joked, “What is that expression? ‘Closed for business, open for pleasure.’”

“It feels more, ‘I’m going to do this for myself.’ You’re more confident with yourself, you’ve had experience, you’re wiser, you’re not going to be all like, ‘Oh I want to turn the lights down,” Watts added.

“In fact, I think there was a time, generations ago, and talking about what menopause actually was … it was hysteria and some women were nymphomaniacs,” she continued. “Like, we were just crazy old crows who wanted sex too much.”

When it comes to her intimate moments with Crudup, Watts attributes their sexual connection to good communication. “Like whatever it is you’re going through, if you can talk to your partner, if you can be honest and have a really authentic conversation and take away the awkwardness, and most of the time if they’re good people, they will be empathetic,” she said.

“And that’s hot — that’s really hot when you can be honest and the conversation lands really well to the point where, ‘Yeah, we got through the awkwardness and now like, let’s kick off some fun,’ ” she told the gathering.

Despite this, Watts did admit that she and Crudup had a difficult start to their intimate relationship because she happened to be using estrogen patches to regulate her hormones when they first got together. “I was wearing my patch and I was nervous that my new lover was going to see it,” she explained.

She then recounted having to sneak into the bathroom before sex and scrub away the sticky residue the patches left behind on her skin. Eventually, she just decided to be open and honest with her partner.

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“The minute I brought honesty into the room, despite how awkward and hard that was for me — I’ve had so much shame about it — he knew how to behave, he knew what cues to follow, he was 100 percent empathetic and I can safely say we went on to have you know, pretty great sex that night,” she recalled, per the Daily Mail.

Watts and Crudup, who were first romantically linked in 2017, wed in New York City in June. After the pair sparked marriage rumors when they were spotted on the street in wedding clothes, the 21 Grams actress confirmed their nuptials in an Instagram post.

She shared a photo of the couple smiling in front of what appeared to be a Manhattan courthouse, with Watts wearing a white lace dress and Crudup clad in a navy suit without a tie.

“Hitched! 🕊️🪢♥️,” she captioned the snapshot.

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