A lady proposes to her boyfriend of 7 years in a restaurant.

The unsuspecting boyfriend is taken by surprise as his girlfriend goes down on one knee with an engagement ring.
Despite the unconventional proposal, the boyfriend accepts, sealing their love with a kiss…….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

A courageous lady took matters into her own hands and proposed to her boyfriend of 7 years in a restaurant, leaving onlookers in awe and erupting into applause.

The unforgettable scene unfolded at a local restaurant, where the couple had chosen to celebrate what seemed like just another ordinary evening.

Lady takes matters into her own hands: proposes to boyfriend after 7 years of dating

The video of the proposal, which has since gone viral, captured the couple’s love story.

The man, sitting calmly at their table, was seemingly unaware of the surprise awaiting him.

As onlookers enjoyed their meals, the atmosphere took a sudden romantic turn.

The lady, oozing confidence and determination, gracefully made her way towards her partner.

With every step, the anticipation in the room grew. When she reached his side, she went down on one knee and presented an engagement ring, leaving no doubt about her intentions.

In the midst of a quiet and captivated audience, she asked for her boyfriend’s hand in marriage.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, the somewhat bashful man accepted her heartfelt proposal, and they sealed the forever deal with a kiss amidst applause from other customers at the restaurant.

“After dating for 7 years the girlfirend decided to proposed and he accepted,” the post read.
Netizens Reactions…

Ogbovo90 said: “What a smart move, babe secured her man”

Dr Mekino reacted: “Mine just broke up with me”

@damola_ade77 wrote: “Always nice when it ends well, but….

@Aqualady6 commented: “I’m happy for them ❤️but Personally I don’t think I can propose to a man lol.

I’m gonna treat my man like a king tho.”….CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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