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46-year-old has been accused of sleeping with a 14-year-old boy (Pictures)

46-year-old has been accused of sleeping with a 14-year-old boy (Pictures).…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

The wellness guru and heiress allegedly had s3x with the teenager before telling him “keep quiet”.

The alleged s3x act took place in late May 2021

Savannah Daisley pleaded not guilty to two counts of aggravated s3xual intercourse with a child under 16.

Police claim Ms Daisley, who is the daughter of champion horse breeder Ross Daisley, gave the teenager alcohol before allegedly having s3x with him, Downing Centre District Court in Sydney, Australia, previously heard.

It is then claimed she spoke to the boy on the phone and told him to stay quiet about the incident.

Ms Daisley was previously bailed after paying $100,000 for surety.

The 46-year-old is now living with her parents in the Southern Highlands, one of the conditions of her release. She is also forbidden from contacting any prosecution witnesses and from taking drugs, unless prescribed by a doctor, or consuming alcohol.

Daisley did not appear for a hearing on Thursday, October 12, and was represented by her solicitor Bryan Wrench, who said her trial was ready to go ahead as planned. It is set to begin on Monday, October 16, and is expected to last for seven days.

As well as having a famous dad Ms Daisley also runs the wellness venture Smart Cleanse, where she markets products that claim to “detoxify” the body and help users “manage ideal weight”.

In September, Ms Daisley took to the company’s Instagram page where she lamented to her 31,000-plus followers she was facing “personal challenges”. She wrote: “Hey beautiful souls… I’m sharing a story that taught me to embrace adversity as a gateway to becoming the best version of yourself.

“It’s a journey of getting stronger, fitter, more resilient, and healthier against all odds. Life often surprises us with its twists and turns, right? Sometimes unjust.

“About a year ago, I faced a storm of personal challenges Instead of feeling constant heartache, at a certain point I had a bit of an awakening and decided to see adversity as an invitation to grow. I searched for the gifts within all the pain and I’m so grateful I did.”…..CONTINUE READING>>>>>>

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